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In 2011 I graduated with 1st class honours in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. I lived in China for nearly two and a half years, where I was working as an English teacher. I just moved to Tokyo where I will be spending my time teaching and writing. This blog is about my experiences of TEFL teaching and living abroad.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Uganda Diaries, latest draft completed

So I've been working hard at the Uganda Diaries and managed to complete a full edit today. Boosted it from 26,000 to nearly 28,000 in one edit, so very pleased. Was mostly just checking for typos, checking it flowed and that sort of thing. Next edit will be focused far more on bulking it out and adding in little extras. Either way it's very exciting.
I'll probably start the new edit next week once I get back from Paris. Hopefully I'll do a little travel writing out there, aimed at the Telegraph weekly travel competition. I've also been working towards another submission with The Peoples Friend magazine, which I adore. It's so quaint. So I wrote a short story for that which is still in first draft stages but looking promising.
So that's me :)

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