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Saturday, 15 August 2009

On a roll?

Today has been a writerly day! I typed up a chapter of my transplant novel, so making progress. I've also written about half of chapter eight, hoping to finish that today. For this one I've planned out what happens exactly in each chapter, and I'm only half done but all the stuff I planned has happened...so I'm going to have to draw it out a little to make it a reasonable length. In total the current word count for chapters 1-4 is about 15 pages, which isn't too bad, I'm planning to have a mass expanding once I've completed it so...fingers crossed!

I haven't written much for ages, but just knocked out my second poem this week. It's a dedication to a great friend of mine who is a particularly awesome lady. She's one of those people (you'll know the type) who just radiate happiness and have an infectious, contagious smile. We had dinner last night and had an ace time, and when I left this morning the poem hit me. So here's to my awesome buddy and I hope the poem is to her liking!


For Rachel Red Hair.

You make me want to smile,
fill my glass to the brim
and knock back the good stuff.
Carefree and ‘one with nature’,
you turn me to the sunshine
with eyes wide open.
You make me want to be a hippy,
act a little dippy
as I skip and prance with glee.
Because of you
I wear girly dresses,
have my hair in
purposeful messes.
You make me want
to cook and sing and dance,
learn guitar,
be an artist.
We lock eyes
as your fingers strum,
face softens,
voice changes.
I covert every inch of you
for the girl I want to be,
or the girl you’re making me.

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